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Traceability extent of ISPC Products

ISPC product can be traceable from the SMS raw material,production consumables of steel billets and up to the finished products (rebars& coils) at customer’s sites.

Billet Manufacturing:

Production consumables (fluxes, ferroalloys and carbon additives) and the scrap used in the manufacturing of each heat can be traced for its source, batch number, specifications, quality and quantity.

The billet is then identified with a punch mark having thedetails of heat number, strand number, billet number & grade on oneend, and color codes on the other ends. Chemistry, physical parameters, surface &internal quality etc. of billets can be traced at SMS. Billets aredispatched heat-wise to Al Ittefaq Steel Products Co.


Billets are received heat-wise and stored in rolling millbillet yard, heat-wise. Then charged to reheating furnace, rebars arestored or dispatched heat-wise. The finished products are identified withtags having the details of the specification, heat number, batch number, bundlenumber, date & size, and QR code.


The QR Code on tag can be scanned and the relevant data is saved against that DN and the MTCs are generated accordingly which will be send to customers.

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