Environmental Contribution

In addition to spearheading the environmental campaigns that are a key part of our expansion plans, our Environmental Section coordinates every project in partnership with all of our internal departments under an Environment Management Program. The company’s most significant environmental contribution centers on minimizing dust emissions. We have achieved this to a high degree as a result of technological advances utilized since the 1990s. We continuously upgrade, making sure that the dust collection system in our existing facilities is functioning within the guidelines set by our Environment Management Program.

As part of an environmentally friendly waste management system, AL ITTEFAQ STEEL CO. continues to study various options for reusing or recycling its production waste. This is currently being achieved by pelletizing DR product dust and EF dust, recycling refractory bricks and extracting iron from slag. These are just some of the programs currently in progress that are aimed at reducing our carbon footprint. The use of used tyres as a carbon source in the steel melting process is another step in the right direction. This project will continue to contribute to the reduction of a major community waste problem.

AL ITTEFAQ STEEL CO. is promoting energy reduction and making use of innovative technology to reduce greenhouse gases in the steelmaking process. The company has also entered into a voluntary agreement with the government to reduce energy use, thereby strengthening cooperation both domestically and beyond our borders.