Power Generation Plant

Power Generation Plant


The Power Generation Plant was established in 2006 and is anticipated to meet the ever-increasing demand for electric power for both our existing group of companies and some of the new companies expected to start production within the next couple of years.

The aggregate in-house power demand is initially 500 MW but will expand to 1000 MW over a number of phases.

At ATE, the power is generated by 16VZA 40 S, SULZER-WARTSILA DG sets (12x10mw) at 13.8 KV, 60 Hz, which is same as the SEC supply. The power generation engines operate on HFO 380 cSt, liquid fuel, which makes the process of power production much more economical. The DG sets and the main power plant's auxiliary systems are equipped with the latest technology and automation standards which includes the PLC, SCADA systems provided by the OEMS for continuous monitoring of safety and effective operation.

The Power Generation Plant is licensed and authorized by ECRA (Electricity & Cogeneration Regulatory Authority), which is the government organization in charge for regulation of power production. The technical team is comprised of highly trained individuals who are specifically OEM prepared and very experienced engineers..

ATE operates on 24/7 basis providing an uninterrupted quality power supply to address the needs of ISPC Group Companies more effectively.

Cheaper and less pollutant HFO from Saudi Aarmco makes ATE very economical which in turn having a key role in Al Ittefaq Group’s success.
Ittefaq Group never compromised to achieve its goals. To meet the shortage of power for its industries at 2nd Ind Area, 120MW power generation plant is established in 2007.


The main technical parameters and implementation have been engineered in a scientific manner. With the application of new technology, design performance, structural strength and vibration damping, the economic efficiency, reliability and operating flexibility of the unit is in accordance with international standards.

Diesel Generator SULZER-WARTSILA sets are used to convert heat energy into mechanical energy, which in turn is converted to electrical energy.

  • The prime mover is a Four-Stroke Diesel Engine specified as 16ZAV40S. Each has a capacity of 10MW.
  • There are 12 DG sets with a capacity of 10MW in the first phase of the project.
  • Power generated from the first phase will amount to 13.8KV, which will supply DRI and National Steel according to their projected requirements.
  • The fuel of choice is HFO (less pollution and cheaper).
  • The fuel is supplied by Saudi Aramco.


SCR ‘s have been installed in the exhaust streams of the DG Sets to reduce the  NOX levels to be Environment friendly & compliant with the PME norms.


Engine auxiliaries
  • Lube oil system
  • Cooling water system
  • Charge air system
  • Exhaust gas system