Social Contributions

ITTEFAQ STEEL believes in corporate social responsibility and that every organization should invest in improving society. In contributing its share to society, AL ITTEFAQ STEEL Training Center was established in 2003 to be a center for excellence in training and educating Saudi youth who graduate from technical colleges and vocational institutes. AL ITTEFAQ STEEL Training Center acts as a stepping stone for qualified graduates to join different departments of work in the group. In addition to providing an array of employment opportunities, AL ITTEFAQ STEEL Training Center plays an important and strategic role in developing Saudi manpower skills.


In response to the national call for Saudization in all fields of work, ISPC has taken upon itself the goal of playing a prominent and vital role. It has achieved this through training in an effort to contribute strongly to achieving Saudization.

The AL ITTEFAQ STEEL Training Center was founded as a result of the group’s great achievements. It was mainly established to train Saudi manpower. To extend Saudization into the group, AL ITTEFAQ STEEL Training Center provides different departments with well-trained Saudi manpower. With the approval and support of the Chairman, we can be sure that the Training Center will be the group’s backbone and ultimately recognized by the labor and blue-collar markets.


As a result of the group’s goal of achieving an effective, fruitful program of Saudization, and due to the tremendous growth of AL ITTEFAQ STEEL, successful partnerships are continuously being developed between ISPC and the Saudi Human Resources Development Fund (SHRDF). Through these programs Saudis are trained. After completion of their training program, they proceed to join the group. The AL ITTEFAQ STEEL Training Center was established with the goal of providing major contributions to the creation of skilled manpower capable of greater achievements in the workplace. In addition, there are numerous training courses available for the group’s employees to further develop and improve their skills.

On-Job Training (OJT)

The training programs are crowned with an OJT program. This is centered on practical application of the skills the trainees gain from the training center.

AL ITTEFAQ STEEL CO. has a well-planned program to qualify the Saudi manpower in both theoretical and practical application areas relevant to the group’s skill levels.