ISPC has always considered continual improvement as a key element for its successand set objectives in all areas accordingly, to achieve our goals. Theseobjectives are consistent with our policies on sustainability, quality, health& safety, environment, responsible sourcing, natural resources conservation, and environmental protection. These are well communicated and updated on yearlybasis and subject to revision at any time during the year based on stakeholderfeedback.  All resources required to achieve these objectives areprovided and the time frame to achieve and responsible persons against each objective is defined and timely evaluation of the achievement statuses areensured.

Our sustainabilityobjectives have been developed and set based on multiple sustainability aspectsand principles. Various measurement models such as stakeholder feedback &suggestions, social, environmental, and economic KPIs, materiality matrix, and maturitymatrix also is taken into consideration.

Thekey aspects considered while setting sustainability objectives are:

Environment:consumption of primary material, water & energy, control on the emissions& waste generation and reduction of other environmental impacts onbiodiversity and eco-toxicity, if any.

Social:factors such as human rights, local communities, legal compliance, productconformity, occupational health and safety employment, training, supplierevaluation etc.

Economical:financial objectives, direct and indirect impact on the economy, sustainableproduction etc.

It is guaranteed that allstakeholders are taken into confidence and their expectations are consideredwhile setting our sustainability objectives.