Responsible Sourcing and Material Consumption

Al-Ittefaq Steel Products Co. aims in the continuous development of the environmental aspects of its operation. The company also understands the importance of its material consumption and responsible sourcing, right from the raw materials until product delivery.

The two sister companies, National Steel Co. Ltd (CARES approved to produce BS grade billets) and Arab Steel Co. Ltd. are highly capable to fulfill all raw material (steel billet) requirements of Al-Ittefaq Steel Products Co. These two are ISO 9001:2015 QMS certified melt shops and are having well-organized objectives and clear methods of achieving such objectives. The availability of two well-organized melt shops allows Al-Ittefaq Steel Products Co. to produce high quality steel with minimum waste generation; thus reducing the impact on environment.

For all other material procurements; The Responsible Sourcing is done through the below principles that are acknowledged by Al-Ittefaq Steel Products Co. and expect that all of its suppliers and service providers meet those requirements.

  • Production and packaging compliance with legal requirement
    • Al-Ittefaq Steel Products Co. expects that our suppliers and service providers guarantee that all necessary legal requirements are fulfilled at the respective ends.

  • Continuous Improvement
    • Al-Ittefaq Steel Products Co. encourages its suppliers to engage in the process of continuous improvement of its product.

  • Traceability
    • Al-Ittefaq Steel Products Co. is having clear sourcing traceability for the raw materials and continuously assessing and monitoring potential risks. The company is expecting that its direct suppliers are having full knowledge to adapt and commit to the traceability of their own supply chain / products