Environmental Management

Al-Ittefaq Steel Products Co. is an ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System certified company and the organization is meeting all standard related and regulatory authority requirements. By continuous monitoring and strict operational control activities, Al-Ittefaq Steel Products Co. is maintaining the environmental performance of every aspect of its operation.

Greenhouse Gas Emission

One of the challenges that any steel industry faces in terms of becoming an environment friendly and sustainable production facility, is the high level of greenhouse gas emission due to its operation. Al-Ittefaq Steel Products Co. is aware of the climate change and other negative impacts that can happen because of these emissions, is aiming to reduce the emission levels on regular basis and committed to minimize any adverse environmental impacts by suitable remedial actions.

Air Quality

To be able to understand and keep track of air pollution level in the organization, Al-Ittefaq steel Products Co. has a full-fledged environment department and it can measure the air quality(CO, CO2 SO2, NO2, ozone, PM2.5, PM10, NOx and Sox), both indoor and outdoor.

Water Management

Al-Ittefaq steel Products Co. aims to minimize the usage of water to the best that it can, to benefit the environment, the community and its operation. We receives the treated water from ICDOC, Industrial city’s official water supplier and stores in designated storage facilities. The used water after the operation is recycled through clarifiers & RO treatment facilities and reused for plant operation. The final waste is returned back to ICDOC for further recycling & reusing.

Al-Ittefaq steel Products Co. management aims to achieve zero water waste through its water management approach such as:

  • Optimization of water consumption for its operation.
  • Recycling in the plant itself and reusing the recycled waste water
  • Minimizing the discharge of waste water
  • Promote awareness in water consumption within the organization
  • Fix any water leakages when found and avoid all types of water contamination
Waste Management
  • Through a well-crafted waste management plan, AL-Ittefaq Steel Products Co. ensures that all types of solid and liquid wastes generated during its operation are properly stored, handled and recycled / disposed of.