Direct Iron Reduction

As a part of AL ITTEFAQ STEEL PRODUCTS CO’ vision- to be a leading producer of high quality steel with the lowest possible cost, -to achieve this goal, our ultra-modern Pelletization plant is underway. This 2.5 million ton pellet plant will fulfill our DRI plant raw material requirements.

Our continuous efforts ensure to produce the finest-quality pellets using high-grade iron ore concentrate and fines. This plant is designed and supply by world’s leading pellet plant supplier. Our highly skilled in-house engineers are responsible for all Pelletization Plant erection, installation and commissioning.

Ball Mills in the plant are fed with high-grade iron ore concentrate and high-grade iron ore fines, which are ground into the required size. The products from this process are used to make green balls. Additives such as lime and bentonite are combined with the iron in a homogenous mixture before being sent to a balling disc to make the green balls. To ensure that quality is always maintained, these green balls are normally screened for optimal size. The next step in our process involves feeding them into a walking grate furnace where the pellets are dried and heat treated to remove any moisture they may contain. The final process in this chain involves feeding the pellets into a rotary kiln, where they will be heated to 1350 degrees Celsius to achieve. The pellets then cool down in an annular cooler before they are transported to a storage facility.

The plant will operate with high level automation to ensure productivity and consistent quality.