Scrap/Metal Recycling Mill


The Scrap Metal Recycling Mill (MRM) came into existence within a short span of one year, thanks to the efforts of the ISPC group. In a land of high sand dunes and deep troughs, MRM managed to turn into an all-inclusive scrap metal processing plant. This expanded to purchasing, sorting, processing and furnace charging; depending on the intended use.

The scrap metal and recycling plant is independent and maintains its own machinery, processing plants, scrap yards and warehouses. We believe in the notion that a good team is essential for any successful Company, and we therefore aim our collective efforts at accomplishing our goals.

It is easy to see the results of our combined efforts to improve the efficiency of our scrap metal and recycling machinery. Every metal recycling mill has a huge task on its shoulders: to keep all the steel factory machinery of ISPC running and to simultaneously feed our melt shops, The National Steel Company (NASCO). & Arab steel Company (ASCO), with sufficient amounts of only the best quality scrap metal available in the market.

We can proudly say that the Metal Recycling Company is the backbone of AL-TUWAIRQI GROUP. With the current setup, the MRM group is fully equipped to handle around 3 million tons of scrap per annum.

MRM is capable to manage the following activities per annum:

  • Scrap receipt, 850,000 tons
  • Scrap charge to the furnace, 900,00 tons
  • Scrap processing, 500,000 tons
  • Scrap transfer, 600,000 tons
  • Imports, 150,000 tons

Scrap metal processing normally starts with receiving and segregating the scrap metal into different categories, including ready-to-use scrap that is directly charged in the furnace. The separation and piling up is carried out with the help of large excavators that are equipped with grabs and powerful magnets. The unprepared scrap metal is then processed depending on its nature and intended use. MRM is equipped with two small bailer machines, two small scrap shearing machines, a Shredder and one Mega shear machine having a capacity of 1,700 tons compression and can process 60-100 tons per hr. based on the cutting length of output and density requirement.  At present these processing machines are enough to handle all the processing loads we currently require.

Scrap metal from car bodies and oversize light scrap metal such as washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and steel furniture is shredded in a 3000-hp motor-driven engine. This engine can shred as much as 30 to 100 tons of scrap metal per hour, depending on the nature of the scrap metal. The purity and quality of the shredded scrap metal is guaranteed, with the levels of impurity at less than 1%,. In general, the Scrap Metal Recycling Mill (MRM) outfit is equipped with enough machinery to handle the scrap at different phases of processing.

The Scrap Metal Recycling Mill independently maintains its own heavy equipment, including excavators, trucks, bulldozers and shovels, all equipped with the latest technology. We are putting our utmost efforts into acquiring only high-caliber scrap metal to suit the requirements of our production departments.  

Plant facility equipped with:

1 Shredded plant                   30 - 100 tons per Hour

1 Shear Plant                          50 - 100 Tons per Hour

2 Bailers                                  6 - 9 tons per hour

2 Shear cum bailers               6 - 9 tons per hour

Capacity varies with input material, out size and density requirement of output.

13 Nos.
Shovel 03 Nos.
Bob Cat 02 Nos.
Crane 10T 01 Nos.
Forklift 03 Nos.
Weighbridge 02 Nos. of 100-ton limit


In short the Main objective of MRM activity is “Zero stoppage for the want of scrap”, by keeping strategic stocks of scrap with the help of sufficient purchases, processing scrap with the help of enough scrap processing equipment’s, in time transferring of required quantity from one yard to another, closely monitoring the stock levels and close contact with the scrap suppliers by having a continuous interaction

Al Tuwairqi Transportation Company


The objective of having a separate Transportation company is to run the business having practical output by exercising professional approach and high efficiency. This is only possible by having the correct market knowhow and by providing excellent services to our customers.


In Transportation Company there are two major components of the operation cost i.e. Manpower and Repair & Maintenance. Wise handling of these costs lead to a fruitful result. Utmost care is to be taken in proper selection of the manpower particularly in case of Drivers and Maintenance crew. Over or under hiring of staff is also not advisable. Another factor to be kept in mind is hiring the staff having different nationalities, in the right proportionate. This helps in balancing & curtailing the manpower cost. Required output could be achieved with the healthy competition.


After a meticulous procedure the selection of the drivers is made. This applies to the selection of local drivers as well as foreign drivers. The selection of drivers includes short listing, interviews and trade test. Utmost efforts are made to select energetic, enthusiastic and humble drivers having a good experience. Moreover their technical knowhow also is a plus point for them.      


As we have mentioned earlier that an effective interaction with the customer is the base of understanding the needs of our valued customers. Day to day requirement of our customers is given to us by our coordinators. Our coordinators play a vital role in improving our services by giving us frequent market update and during operation they may be contacted 24 hours.



All our trucks are equipped with tracking system. Their movement is monitored constantly thus assuring safe and timely delivery of the consignment.


ATC has its own workshop capable to repair the trucks bumper to bumper. In order to keep our trucks running smoothly, they are maintained on regular basis. We do have a schedule of periodic maintenance, according to that they are sent to the workshop. A replacement of the truck is made in order to keep the operation running without any stoppage.


Our workshop is run by experienced mechanics. It is supervised by the experienced engineer.