Localization & Training

In addition to our business activities, Al ITTEFAQ STEEL CO. is highly committed to improving the future of Saudi youth. We help them acquire the necessary skills and expertise to compete in tomorrow’s job market. We have built significant partnerships to help train personnel and equip them with the required skills to produce high-quality, world-class steel products while adhering to both local and international standards. Our training center is not only at the heart of our group of companies, it is an important source of skilled labour for the steel rolling industry.

In any given industry, sustainability is key. That is why we are keen to invest in Saudi youth. They represent the future; we teach them to lead the way, not only in their careers, but in society as well.

Our training centers are fully equipped with qualified tutors, state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities to successfully pass on the necessary skills to our students. All of our programs aim to develop a specialized, confident and skilled graduate who is more than ready for the job market.