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National Steel Co.






Under the umbrella of AL ITTEFAQ STEEL PRODUCTS CO. (ISPC), National Steel Co. (NASCO) was established in 2004 with annual capacity to produce 0.5 million MT of steel billets.

Since then, NASCO has strategically enhanced its capacity to achieve 1.0 million MT production in 2014 through technical up-gradations to maintain the quality and meet the increasing demand.

NASCO is a steel melt shop that produces steel billets for AL ITTEFAQ STEEL PRODUCTS COMPANY. NASCO mainly produces construction grades steel through EAF-LRF-CCM route using steel scrap and DRI (Direct Reduced Iron)

EAF (Electric Arc Furnace)

State of the art, highly productive EAF of 100 MT capacity with continuous DRI feeding system and advanced auxiliary equipment to ensure consistent production of quality steel.


LRF (Ladle refining Furnace)

Fully automated, 100 MT refining furnace which ensures desired quality is achieved in every batch we produce.


IF (Induction Furnace)

Twenty ton capacity induction furnace runs in combination of EAF to increase overall output in a cost effective manner.


CCM (Continuous casting Machine)

Four strands billet caster with very high level of automation capable of producing billet sections of 130 mm to 180 mm.

International Grade billets produced @ NASCO:

  • BSS 4449 Gr.460

  • ASTM A615 Gr.40

  • ASTM A615 Gr.60

  • SAE 1008

  • SAE 1006

  • SAE 1065

  • ASTM A36

  • ASTM A572