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Career in ISPC

Al ITTEFAQ STEEL is one of the world’s largest steel companies, and a leader both in the quality and quantity of steel that we deliver. Leadership and quality describe our commitment to corporate and personal ethics as well. We are constantly looking to add new talent to our world class teams here at Al ITTEFAQ STEEL. Sustainability is key and we need a dynamic team to keep achieving our goals.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Al ITTEFAQ STEEL CO. is an equal opportunity employer.  We always evaluate applicants on their qualifications, and we NEVER discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or veteran status.

Welcome to Al-Ittefaq Steel Products Company, on behalf of management we would like to wish you every success during your employment with us, whether you have recently joined the Company or whether you are an existing employee.

Together with your offer letter, the Handbook sets out the terms and conditions of your employment, guidance on the high standards of conduct that are expected of you and some of the main employee benefits which may be available to you. The Handbook also provides you with information on where to find the main policies and procedures that will affect your employment, which, for the most part, are contained in the HR Procedures Manual.

Unlike previously, paper copies of the Handbook will not be issued, now it the responsibility of HR department to keep the handbook up date. Any general amendments made will be properly communicated to your immediate supervisor through email.

We hope that you will find the information contained in the Handbook both informative and helpful. If you require clarification or any additional information please refer to your Line Manager.

Message from Chief Executive Officer / Director HR & Admin

I am happy to know that you have joined ISPC successful team. The management acknowledge that every employee is a key partner in its pathway to success, performance and operational excellence.
At ISPC the management is committed to ensure fair and transparent hiring process, fair treatment, equal access and opportunity for training, learning and skill development and growth. We strives to fulfill that:

• Every employee feel Proud as a member of ISPC family
• To Respect and be respected
• Right to enjoy the benefits offered
• Integrity in all activities and dealing
• Transparency and Responsiveness towards employees
Whereas employees are expected to
• Work at their optimum capabilities
• Strives towards the organizational objectives and production targets
• Maintain high level of professionalism and honesty
• Regards themselves as a valued partner



Safety First

Safety is a fundamental value of the company. It is implicit in our products and services and in the way we work. We do not compromise on the safety and health of those who work for our business.
It is your duty as an employee not to put a risk either yourself or others by your acts or omissions. You should also ensure that you are familiar with company health and safety arrangements. Safety and quality must remain at the forefront of our minds at all times.
Career in ISPC
The first three (03) months of employment are probationary. During this time both parties may assess suitability for employment with the Employer. This also provides management an opportunity to assess skill levels and address areas of potential concern. During the first ninety (90) days of the probationary period, employment may be terminated by the company for any reason whatsoever, with or without cause, and without notice or payment in lieu of notice.
When representing ISPC, staff should dress and behave appropriately. Management cadre should choose to dress in a manner which presents a professional image to the public and is respectful of others. Excessive use of profanity is neither professional nor respectful to co-workers and will not be tolerated.
Service of an employee may be terminated upon attaining the age of sixty (60) years (Hijri), as evidenced by employee's Nationality Booklet or Civil Status Identification Card submitted at the time of joining the Company, without any consideration to any succeeding amendments. The Top Management may extend the services of an employee who attains the age of sixty (60) years (Hijri).

The company gives an annual vacation of 22 working days (30 calendar days) upon completion of 12 months working with the Company. Scheduling of vacation to employee must be approved by their respective manager and not to be in conflict with the department work requirement.
National day : 23rd Sep of each year
Eid Ul Fiter : 05 days
Eid Ul Adhah : 05 days
Exam Leave : As per policy
Child Birth (in Kingdom) : 03 days
Haj Leave : 05 days (One time in service)
Marriage (in Kingdom) : 05 days
Death (in Kingdom) : 05 days
Medical Care
Medical clinic with 24-hour on-duty medical personnel is available to all ISPC companies. Ambulance car is also on standby to each clinic for emergency and specialized treatment situations. Employees are covered with free medical insurance & services by an insurance company contracted by ISPC. A guidance booklet provided by the contracted insurance company is available at the insurance section in the Admin Department.
Sick Leave
Thirty (30) calendar days is the allowed and 100% paid sick leave per year for each employee. Sick days in excess of 30 days within a year will be paid in accordance with the following:
- Next 60 days - 75% paid
- Next 30 days - Without pay

Company provides verity of benefits as following: Loyalty / Continuous Service The employees are awarded for their loyalty and continuous service based on length of service in the form of five years at Sr. 1000/- which is doubled for every continuous five years of service (e.g f years Sr. 1000.00, 10 years Sr. 2000.00, 15 years Sr. 4000.00, 20 years Sr. 8000.00 and go on).
End of Service Benefit
End of service award is being provided by ISPC to its employees, calculation of which is as per Saudi Labor Law. The calculation will be based on the last total gross salary, any absent / unpaid leave exceed 20 days a year will not be included in the EOSB.
Upon joining, new employee is eligible for salary advance to be used for his daily expenses, deductible from his 1st month salary.
1. Handling & facilitating Company work affairs with honesty & integrity.
2. Observe principles of good conduct and avoid anything that may affect the company’s honesty within work or outside it.
3. Dedicate time and effort for work and keenness to waste the time of others.
4. Cooperation with colleagues in manner that leads to performance of work in a good way.
5. Observe good personal appearance to reflect being a member of the Company.
6. Loyalty to the Company is required from management and employees. All are required to prove loyalty and work to the interest of the Company in all work relations including relations with customers, government authorities, supervisors and colleagues, and to keep the Company informed of behaviors that may have negatives impact on the Company or Al-Ittefaq Group.
7. Behave with the awareness that all employees are part of the responsibility for supporting Company objectives with regard to administrative control and financial auditing.
8. Refrain from using any secret information disclosed to the employees as a member of the Company for personal interests. Avoid disclosure of Company owned rights and secret technical information to any other unauthorized party.
9. Refrain from participation with or without compensation in any media activity like giving statements or publishing articles without a written permission from the authorized person in the Company.
10. Refrain from accepting gifts or other benefits from other parts from inside or outside, whether for the employee or his family members that may affect his decisions or his performance to the duties for the interest of these parties.
11. Not to try, under any circumstances, to offer a bribe or instigate any customer for promoting Company products or services or with objective of impacting his decisions. 12. Not to accept a bribe or an instigation of any kind or form to realize any objective like the award of a contract, or order or give him information. Employee is required to report to his direct supervisor any offers of bribes or instigation.
13. Not to utilize job authority for attaining personal gains.
14. Immediately inform the senior management of any case of real or possible conflict of interest, the employee know about such as:
   a) Ownership, he or any of his family members, of any financial participation in a project abroad that is doing or try to do work with Al-Ittefaq Group or competing with it.
   b) Employee’s work as a member of the Board of Directors, an employee or a partner, a consultant, a major participant or investor or to perform any major role with any project abroad that is doing or try to do work with Al-Ittefaq Group or competing with it.
   c) To work as broker, agent and commissioner for the interest of a third party in business operation related to Al-Ittefaq Group or its interests.
15. Observe accuracy and fairness in recording financial transactions related to the Company or Al-Ittefaq Group according to the standard accounting procedures. Protect & maintain Company property according to Company Policy & Procedures in this regard. Ensure the assets are used in the correct manner and that financial & operational record & reports are accurate, complete and reliable.
16. Protect work secrets & information disclosed to him or that reach him by nature of work, and not to convey to a third party, undisclosed information unless such behavior is part of his regular duties or the Company authorizes him.
17. Not to keep to him any papers related to work.
18. Not to perform any work with or without pay, outside the Company.
Observe the applicable regulations and rules in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and local rules & regulations in places where the Company is doing business.