Facilities & Process

The immense scale of the AL FAISAL STEEL PRODUCTS CO. supply chain results in the company making a huge contribution and commitment to raising environmental, social and production standards. The key to our success in this area has been providing reliable and efficient services to all our customers.

We play a big part in the construction industry, with clients from all over the world and as a major buyer of goods and services. Our supply chain footprint has helped provide the world with reliable steel products for different industries. This has been the key to both our success and our reputation as a top-quality steel manufacturer. We believe that our long-term growth is directly linked to our greater commitment to the communities with which we partner. As a leader in all major international steel markets, we have taken on the responsibility of driving growth and sustainability in the manufacture of steel. We have an industrial presence in 22 countries spanning four continents.

The success of our products is directly linked to that of our clients. Their satisfaction is our desire as well. We are committed to not only producing high-quality products, but to making a positive impact on our employees, our community and the world at large. Our worldwide presence means that we aim to drive sustainability in all the industries that we affect with our reach. A key part of our supply chain strategy is our responsible sourcing program. We are able to make a positive and significant impact on the elevation of social, environmental and economic standards. We have several collaborative programs, which, along with supplier evaluations, make up our supplier performance monitoring system. This translates into better services for our customers across the globe.

Our procurement structure has three levels: global, regional and local. Global procurement includes all categories in which suppliers operate on a global level – for example, major mining companies. We have a number of regional procurement platforms, which ensures that our regional sourcing activities are as efficient and effective as possible. The local procurement level uses global or regional contracts, or sources from local partners.

AL FAISAL STEEL PRODUCTS CO.’s supply chain is supported by shared service centers, which help provide a stable and reliable business support system. Each service center provides a number of services, including, but not limited to: accounts receivable, accounts payable, financial accounting, cost accounting, travels and expenses, payroll, asset management, procurement and tax.

Our shipping and logistics service supports our steel and mining operations, and is an integral part of our entire supply chain, helping deliver raw materials to our plants around the world and our steel products to our customers. We aim to offer a competitive advantage by generating value for our products and excellent customer service for all stakeholders.

We employ both social and corporate responsibility practices in how we interact with our partners, customers and the rest of the world. AL FAISAL STEEL PRODUCTS CO. makes a direct effort to have a positive impact on the construction, automobile and other industries that use steel products. Our research teams ensure that every product we produce is improved over time with each new advance in technology. This requires a team of highly specialized local, regional and global engineers to guarantee product quality for every foreseeable test condition. Our procurement platform and distribution chain are well equipped to handle clients from all over the world.

AL FAISAL STEEL PRODUCTS CO. makes use of an optimized supply chain mechanism that is integral to the timely delivery of orders to clients anywhere in the world. This, coupled with our commitment to excellent before- and after-sales customer service, gives us a competitive advantage as a quality steel manufacturer.